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Nourish To Flourish

posted by Gudrun @ 17:29 PM
December 27, 2009

parrot food

I already suggested the Nourish To Flourish – A Healthy Cookbook for Parrots several weeks ago as a good Christmas gift. Since I got the book, I keep enjoying it every day. It astonishes me constantly how in 129 page can be so much information.  This is a long needed cookbook for parrots; or better for their owners.

Nourish to Flourish is really a treasure. It contains information about parrots nutritional needs, basic utensils in your kitchen, essential dietary components, how to teach your bird to eat new foods and learn to forage, which foods to avoid, many great recipes and much more. All of this combined with wonderful and fun photos. The book is spiral bound, which makes it easy to use while you are cooking.

No matter what parrot food you offer to your bird right now, this book can only enrich your knowledge and your birds diet.

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