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Hitting the Road

posted by Parrot-Friend @ 10:43 AM
December 9, 2009

parrot-crackerYou might imagine that traveling long distances in a car with your pet parrot could be a real headache. Surprisingly, the process can be painless and even fun if you prepare well ahead of time and make a few basic considerations. Your parrot will be happy and content during the duration of the ride as long as it receives food, water, shelter and some parrot cracker now and again. Make sure that the bird is well fed before the journey commences because it will be less likely to eat during the trip.

Keep a bottle of fresh water within the bird’s reach, and keep a spare ready to go within the car. Bird travel carriers are the final consideration. The carrier needs to be large enough to allow the bird to stretch its wings. Good ventilation will allow the parrot to breathe normally, so check that there are relatively large holes or vents in the carrier. Just like a common birdcage, the carrier should also feature a perch that allows the bird to stand.

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