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Happy Thanksgiving

posted by Gudrun @ 17:27 PM
November 24, 2009

parrot food

 parrot food

It’s the time of the year again, when nature starts to go within and rest. Though we humans get busier then the whole rest of the year. It seems that nobody is home anymore and everybody is just running all over the place. And all of this to stuff ourselves for one day and start running again. I think Thanksgiving and Christmas should be in summer. Then we could rest like nature does it, during these short, cold days. Maybe I should move to the southern hemisphere. LOL

 Anyway, we have to be specially careful and attentive around these holidays. We often are stressed and our birds pick up on it.  Sometimes we can be less attentive due to all the things going on. That could cause a higher risk of accidents. Let us all keep breathing deep to relax as much as possible, so we can enjoy these time. Our birds will appreciate it. They will also appreciate when they can have a bite or two of some of the goodies. A little piece of turkey and some pumpkin make a good Thanksgiving parrot food.


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