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Fresh parrot food

posted by Gudrun @ 15:58 PM
November 16, 2009

parrot food


It is very interesting what some people mean when talking about fresh parrot food.  When I get calls and bird owners ask me about what could help support certain conditions, I always ask if the parrot gets fresh food. The answer is often yes. Someway into the conversation I get told, that the fresh food is cereal, birdie bread and similar. I think it is a good idea to bake bread or cookies for a bird and ad some fresh vegetables. This is actually a good way to get a parrot to eat things it might not, when offered by itself. But it is certainly not a substitute for fresh vegetables and fruits. I know it is sometimes not easy to get our birds to eat fresh food, if they are not used to it. But if we are a bit inventive, we can get them to eat the things we offer.

Some examples:I like to cook quinoa, millet or rice and ad fresh vegetables. With a bird that is not used to these foods, I puree the veggies. To ad some of their favorite foods (like a little nut butter) helps too. After they are used to eat these new diet I ad small cubes of vegetables. Eventually they will eat the vegetables by them self.Vegetables in omelets or birdie bread are usually welcome by most birds. Sometimes it helps to fry them very short in some olive oil. Most important is, to start with baby steps. When you get used to one dish, try the next one. Eventually you will become a gourmet chef for parrots.

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