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Estimating a Bird’s Health through Appearance and Behavior

posted by Parrot-Friend @ 10:43 AM
November 25, 2009

parrot-bgAs the owner of a pet bird, it’s important to stay in tune with the animal’s dietary needs. When parrots, parakeets, canaries and other domesticated birds experience health problems, the issue can often be traced back to poor feeding habits. When creating a dietary plan for your bird, take its unique needs into account. Not all breeds of parrot like to dine on the same nutritional regimen.

Poor diet can seriously increase the risk of infection and cause excessive molting. If you notice that your bird is losing feathers at an alarming rate, it’s probably time to reassess its diet. You can also tell a lot about your bird’s health from its general disposition. If it is no longer playfully clinging to its swing or responding favorably, trying switching over to a holistic bird food

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Happy Thanksgiving

posted by Gudrun @ 17:27 PM
November 24, 2009

parrot food

 parrot food

It’s the time of the year again, when nature starts to go within and rest. Though we humans get busier then the whole rest of the year. It seems that nobody is home anymore and everybody is just running all over the place. And all of this to stuff ourselves for one day and start running again. I think Thanksgiving and Christmas should be in summer. Then we could rest like nature does it, during these short, cold days. Maybe I should move to the southern hemisphere. LOL

 Anyway, we have to be specially careful and attentive around these holidays. We often are stressed and our birds pick up on it.  Sometimes we can be less attentive due to all the things going on. That could cause a higher risk of accidents. Let us all keep breathing deep to relax as much as possible, so we can enjoy these time. Our birds will appreciate it. They will also appreciate when they can have a bite or two of some of the goodies. A little piece of turkey and some pumpkin make a good Thanksgiving parrot food.


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Fresh parrot food

posted by Gudrun @ 15:58 PM
November 16, 2009

parrot food


It is very interesting what some people mean when talking about fresh parrot food.  When I get calls and bird owners ask me about what could help support certain conditions, I always ask if the parrot gets fresh food. The answer is often yes. Someway into the conversation I get told, that the fresh food is cereal, birdie bread and similar. I think it is a good idea to bake bread or cookies for a bird and ad some fresh vegetables. This is actually a good way to get a parrot to eat things it might not, when offered by itself. But it is certainly not a substitute for fresh vegetables and fruits. I know it is sometimes not easy to get our birds to eat fresh food, if they are not used to it. But if we are a bit inventive, we can get them to eat the things we offer.

Some examples:I like to cook quinoa, millet or rice and ad fresh vegetables. With a bird that is not used to these foods, I puree the veggies. To ad some of their favorite foods (like a little nut butter) helps too. After they are used to eat these new diet I ad small cubes of vegetables. Eventually they will eat the vegetables by them self.Vegetables in omelets or birdie bread are usually welcome by most birds. Sometimes it helps to fry them very short in some olive oil. Most important is, to start with baby steps. When you get used to one dish, try the next one. Eventually you will become a gourmet chef for parrots.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Parrot Nutrition

posted by Parrot-Friend @ 13:06 PM
November 10, 2009

birdfoodI’ve owned parrots, macaws and cockatoos for many years now, and over that time a few of my friends have also begun keeping birds as pets. As the go-to authority on avian pet knowledge, they are always asking me questions about feeding and caring for birds. I’d like to share with you a few of the most common issues that are brought to my attention. First there’s the question of seed and pellet nutrition.

Unfortunately, people often frame the question in the wrong way. They’ll talk about “seeds versus pellets,” or some similar construction. The fact is that both are viable sources of parrot nutrition, and birds can always benefit from variety. Pellets are some of the most nutritional bird food you’ll find. They are made from a blend of nutrients, so each and every bite will be wholesome and beneficial.

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Harvest parrot food

posted by Gudrun @ 15:46 PM
November 9, 2009

parrot food


In the last ten years many people came to me and wanted to know how to feed their birds healthier. Some of them wanted to change everything at the same time. And gave up after a short while. Many started with baby steps and came a long way. And some thought I am a plain nuts in the beginning. Of some of them I never heard again. Some contacted me after a short or long while and thankfully reported their progress. Which sometimes went so far as that they changed the diet for the whole family. And with some I became friends.

One who thought I am crazy in the beginning, but changed the diet of her birds in her own way, just send me am email she called Harvest Delight. I want to share it with you to show how easy it can become, after a little while, to create healthy parrot food dishes. And here we go:

Sending photos of our favorite meal that contains some wonderful foods available during the fall season!  Cranberries, yams, peppers, parsley, apples, and of course – fresh sprouted Totally Organics seeds!  Thank you, Auntie Gudrun!!


The Byrdbell Flock

And tommy can’t wait untill he gets it in his bowl.

parrot food

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News on fresh parrot food

posted by Gudrun @ 15:01 PM
November 2, 2009

Since many years now, when it comes to parrot foods, I am preaching the motto variety and moderation to anybody who wants to listen or not. This variety should always contain some fresh food. My reason was always that scientist discover constantly new components in fresh food, which are vital to our well being. We don’t know what we are missing, when our and our parrots diet consists of processed foods only.

 Lately I hear a lot about glyconutrients. They were discovered over the last few years. What are they? They are 8 plant carbohydrates, which are very important for the proper function and well being of the body. There is a lot of research done on them. If you want to know more details, here is a site:


You can go ahead and read or just be happy that your parrot gets these nutrients, because you are feeding fresh vegetable. Some fungus and mushrooms are high on glyconutrients, but almost everything fresh food contains it. Here is another site with the list of foods, which contain it:

parrot food

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