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Proper Parrot Beak Care

posted by Parrot-Friend @ 13:06 PM
October 27, 2009

parrot-beak-care-parrot-foodHookbill birds, especially parrots and cockatoos, occasionally require some bill trimming when they’re kept in captivity. Bird owners begin to run into problems, however, when they “go it alone” and attempt trimming a pet’s beak without precise knowledge of how it should be done. It’s important to note that parrots which receive high-quality healthy bird food don’t require a beak trim in the first place.

If it turns out that your bird could benefit from a beak trim, use the birds from a professionally handled zoo as your guide. You can use a diamond nail file to grind and shape the beak. Have an assistant or family member restrain the bird during this process. Err on the side of caution when trimming, as birds have sensitive living tissue beneath the hard exterior beak layer.

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