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Organic parrot food for my dog

posted by Gudrun @ 11:58 AM
October 18, 2009

Feeding parrots can sometimes be frustrating; because of all the food we have to throw away. It is natural for them to spread some of their food all over. In the wild that would make sure that new plants grow and provide their future meals. Though throwing away a good part of the fresh organic parrot foods every day, sometimes really hurt parrot food

But I have a dog. She gets raw meat with some fresh vegetables every day. One day it dawned on me that I don’t have to throw away at least the fresh food, which the birds left in their bowls. Now I collect the rests from the parrot food and mix it into the meat for my dog Deva. I am really glad that I finally got this idea and waste less of my fresh organic parrot food.

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