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The wonderful parrot foods of fall

posted by Gudrun @ 17:00 PM
October 5, 2009

parrot foodI am glad to live in an area where we have 4 seasons. I can’t imagine that pumpkin pie tastes as good in the south with 80 degrees than here, where it is getting cold. I also love the golden colors of fall. Many of the gold colors now are in the grocery store, which are full of all kinds of pumpkins. And they are a great parrot food, which can be severed in many ways. How much easier can it get, than cutting a squash or pumpkin in big chunks and let the birds have fun with them for the rest of the day.

I like to bake them for myself. What I don’t eat, I cut in cubes the next morning and another parrot breakfast is ready in not time. It is a joy to see how they welcome the food they did not get for several month.

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