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Harvest time for your parrot food on the porch

posted by Gudrun @ 14:09 PM
September 26, 2009


organic parrot foodThe days are getting shorter and the temperatures lower. Do you have any of your ‘organic parrot food on your porch’ left? Than it’s time to harvest and prepare them for winter use.

Here is what I do: I buy food grate paper bags. Then cut the herbs (I have basil, lovage, different mints, thyme, oregano), wash them, let them dry, put one kind of herb in one bag and close them with a sisal rope. Then I hang them in a dry cool place, like the garage, and let them dry. During winter I ad this herbs to the fresh organic parrot food. I also like to make an herb mix for my parrots. If you mix your dried herbs and offer them to your parrot, they will be able to pick out what is to their liking at any given time. You can also leave them in the bowl at a place where the bird can’t ad water, without running the danger that they spoil. Sometimes I buy some single dried herbs to ad to the herb mix.

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