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Parrot food and other seminars on the East Coast

posted by Gudrun @ 16:46 PM
September 21, 2009

organic parrot food

One of my favorite parrot rescue organizations is Phoenix Landing. I met many of their members and still admire their dedication. What really impresses me is the variety of educational programs they offer. “Nourish to flourish” is a regular class on how everybody can feed a healthy diet to parrots. But parrot owners can learn much more than why and how to feed organic parrot food. This Fall is full of seminars like “A Parrot’s Point of View”,  “Foraging Fun, Hands-On Ideas and Contest”, “A HAPPY HEALTHY PARROT IN AN EVER-CHANGING LIFE”,  “Behavior Workshop”, and much more. Here is the link to their newsletter, so you can see which ones are in your area:

 I also want to congratulate them to their Education Center in Asheville and hope many parrot lovers will join them in giving parrot a better life there.

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