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Wheatgrass: Spicing Up a Bird’s Diet

posted by Parrot-Friend @ 15:40 PM
September 10, 2009


Wheatgrass is a tasty, wholesome grain that can be used to supplement a parrot’s diet. It goes without saying that your bird still requires a balanced array of seeds, fruits and other healthy parrot food, but you can add a bit more variety to the mix by offering wheatgrass as a treat. There are a few small risks associated with wheatgrass, but those only apply when it is eaten in excess.

Feed this iron-rich grass to your parrot no more than four times a week. Serve it after cutting the grass approximately one inch above the seed. As is the case with most green grasses, wheatgrass has a long shelf life. You can leave it in your bird’s cage for him to graze off of at his leisure. In the long run, this dietary addition will improve the parrot’s circulation.

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