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Our attitude and the foods our parrots like

posted by Gudrun @ 15:43 PM
August 26, 2009

After reading that parrots don’t like bitter foods and seeing my birds eating radicchio, dandelion and drinking some of my often bitter teas, I parrot foodstarted to wonder about how much our attitude influences our birds food choices. Sometimes I meet people who tell me “my bird does not like carrots”. Though, the same bird, when at a boarding place where the lady feeds organic fresh parrot food, including carrots, the bird eats them. As soon, as he is back home, he refuses to eat them again. Unfortunately I did not ask the woman if she likes carrots.

I like bitter foods and it seems like my birds do too. They always have the choice to leave it in the bowl. And they sometimes do. But other times they eat it, which I think they would not do if they really don’t like it.

Thinking of how our birds pick up on our moods and emotions, they might pick up on how much we savor a food or dislike it. I would really appreciate it, if some of my readers would experiment with this and give me some feedback. How much do you like the parrot food you offer to your bird? What do you think about its taste?

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