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Are peanuts a good parrot food?

posted by Gudrun @ 14:15 PM
August 12, 2009

Peanuts contain a lot of nutrition and I have not seen one parrot, which does not love them.

parrot foodOn the other side, if they are not organic, they are heavily sprayed with herbicide, fungicide, pesticide and I don’t know what else. I don’t want to put these chemicals in my parrot food.

So, what about organic peanuts? They might have aflatoxin, which is a fungus found rather frequently in Nature. A healthy body would not have any problems if exposed to small amounts of this Aspergillus producing toxins. The FDA has set limits on how much aflatoxin foods, which are prone to contain them, can have. The problems is, nobody checks this amounts between they are measured and finally reach the consumer. It seems peanuts contain more often higher amounts than most other foods. And if the immune system is already compromised, aflatoxin can cause aspergillosis. 


I was looking into the recall of peanut products at the beginning of this year and was flabbergasted how many products were affected. 

If you want to have a look at it, here is the link to the FDA:


Peanuts are not in the menu of my parrot food, because there are so many other nuts, which are saver. Though everybody has to decide this for her/himself.

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