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Parrots Are Worth the Work

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August 3, 2009


As experienced parrot owners know, taking good care of a feathered friend takes serious commitment. Parrots resent being cooped up in tiny cages; they prefer to climb around and fly if possible. It’s therefore best to provide them with a home that’s suitably tall for their particular species. Bigger birds such as macaws, Amazons and cockatoos will require particularly large spaces to explore. But space isn’t the only essential element you’ll need to provide for your bird.

Parrots thrive on a diverse and sophisticated diet. Seeds, nuts, fruit and other plant material all factor into their dietary habits. For this reason, a parrot seed mix is ideally suited to the bird’s liking. An effective seed mix should include a number of wholesome grains such as rice, barley and buckwheat in addition to sunflower seeds and other typical bird fare.

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