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More then bird food

posted by Gudrun @ 13:06 PM
June 29, 2009

bird foodI created this blog to write mainly about parrot nutrition. Though bird food is only one part of a healthy happy parrot life. So, every once in a while I will share information which I find important for parrot owners. 

Today I got the newsletter from PEAC (parrot education and adoption center). A good part of it is about educational events and parrots that need a home. Though there are always some very good information about living with parrots. In this issue e.g. they have an article from Dr Susan Friedman. Whenever I saw her speaking or read an article from her, I think, “doooo, can it get more obviously”. It seems there are many things, which are so right in our face, but we don’t see them. Somebody has to point them out to us. Thanks to Dr Friedman and the PEAC newsletter to bring this awareness to us, so we can create a happier life for our birds. Which means a happier life for us too.

To read the newsletter, here is the link:

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