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Arugola – organic parrot food on our porch

posted by Gudrun @ 13:38 PM
June 24, 2009

organic parrot foodThere is one green I just can’t pass by. Arugola!

Since I lived in Italy it became my absolute favorite. It is slightly organic parrot foodbitter and a bit spicy, like it would contain a little cayenne pepper. You find it as part of many salads today. But I can eat a salad made just from it.  After finding out that it also has a lot of beneficial properties, it became one of my most favorite organic parrot foods  too.  Arugola is a good source of calcium, vitamin C and K and beta-carotene and omega 3 and 6 fatty acids.

It is really easy to grow. I start with seeds any time during spring and summer and just let them grow. It is so easy to go out on the porch, cut some arugola, and ad it to the soaked All-in-One Mix or the cooked quinoa or whatever the menu of my organic parrot food for that day is.

 In case you want to know more about its health properties, here is a good site:

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