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Which organic bird food

posted by Gudrun @ 14:44 PM
June 20, 2009


Before I go on with my parrot food on our porch, I want to share something; I spoke about with one of our customers. Do all foods we feed toorganic bird food our birds have to be organic?  Some people tell me they buy only organic fruits and vegetables of which they know are heavily sprayed. They think it is not necessary to feed all organic bird food and it is ok to use lightly sprayed, non-organic foods. If it would just be for the herbicides, fungicides and pesticides I maybe agree.

But there is another issue to consider, GMO. We get told there are no side efforts. Why then, are there so many countries, which don’t allow it? Because they think long-term effects cannot be seen yet. Our birds are living a long time. Do we want to wait 10 years or more and then maybe find out there are problems caused by long term feeding of GMO foods? How then can we avoid GMO vegetables and fruits? Very easy, organic foods are not allowed to contain GMO. So, I rather be save than sorry and feed all organic bird food.

 If you want to know more, here is a very informative site, which contains a lot of information on GMO:

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