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Lovage – parrot food on our porch

posted by Gudrun @ 13:45 PM
June 13, 2009

parrot foodAnd here is out second parrot food on the porch – lovage.parrot food

It belongs to the same family as parsley. But it smells and taste fresher and lighter. For me a real summer taste. When I was a child we had a huge bush in our garden and used it on salad, over vegetables and in soups.

Why do I use herbs with my parrot food?  Because I think parrots like variety in tastes as much as we humans do. Most people think of herbs as a remedy when there is a health problem. And almost all herbs have medical values. For example, the lovage, is used to relive digestive problems, have cleansing effect on liver and kidneys, some antibiotic properties”.

Using herbs in small amounts in our own and our daily parrot food can keep us healthy and prevent to have to use them as medicine.

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