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How bad are bird seed for parrots?

posted by Gudrun @ 13:54 PM
May 27, 2009

Bird seedHow bad are bird seed mixes for parrots?

It is interesting how the opinions what is good for parrots changes with time. Before we could buy bird seed mixes and pellets, people just fed human food to parrots. And they seemed to do fine with it. But people were eating mostly home made food too in those times.

 Then somebody came up with the idea parrots should eat bird seeds. So, a good number of parrot owners started to feed a bird seed diet only. That caused many undernourished birds. The next thing was pellets. Adding this pellets to the diet of the birds was an improvement, because it increased the spectrum of nutrition. But because birds did better with this variety, now people were advised to feed pellets only. 

And so it goes on and on. In our time there are still people thinking a parrot should not get any bird seed mix and only pellet. Or non of them both, but only fresh food.

 There are about 300 species of parrots, from 5 different continents, living in a wide variety of climates and vegetation. Most of them do eat seeds in their natural environment. Some are ground feeders. Which means they spend a good amount of their time on the ground picking at……….. seeds. But even the ones that live in the canopy of the forest pick on seeds. Every plant produces seeds or nuts to drop to the ground to reproduce and keep the species going. Guess who is feeding on this kind of seeds and nuts when they are still on the plant? The animals, including parrots, that live up in the canopy.

 So, the question should not be if Bird seed mixes are bad or good for parrots. But how much to feed to a species. A parrot eating a variety of bird seed mixes, pellets, fresh vegetables and nuts is usually a healthy bird.

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