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Importance of Organic Bird Food

posted by Parrot-Friend @ 16:17 PM
May 7, 2009


When it comes to feeding our birds, it’s important to know that the food birds are receiving is safe and nutritious.  There have been a wave of pet food contamination suits in the last decade, and owners want to know that the food their pet is receiving is from natural sources.  Birds need a nutritious and balanced diet to remain healthy.  Birds that are unhealthy can be more vulnerable to harmful bacteria and parasites, and can start to lose their feathers as other health problems manifest.  When purchasing organic bird food, owners can rest assured that their birds are being fed nutritious and all-natural food.  While organic food can be a little more expensive than regular bird food, the peace of mind gained is more than worth the extra cost. 

Birds that receive proper nutrition and care can live for decades, and some birds can even live to be more than a hundred years old!  With the right organic bird food and lots of loving care, a bird can be their owner’s best friend for their entire life.

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