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Health protection with the right bird food

posted by Gudrun @ 9:12 AM
May 30, 2009

bird foodbird food 



Many people don’t think much about the connection of bird food and health issues until they show up.

Though, if we provide a variety of fresh vegetables and herbs in our daily bird food, we can prevent not only health problems arising from lack of nutrition, but also harm due to exposure to outer hazard.

 Here is a story, which happened to my parrots and me.  I feed them on a regular base a mix of dried herbs, like dandelion, plantain, peppermint, etc. About a week after I bought the last batch my suppliers called and told me that they had found Ecoli in one of this products.  I should throw it away immediately.

I already had fed it for several days as part of the bird food. But what I had fed also and do always with their fresh daily food, was cinnamon. They like the taste and it has many benefits. One of it is, that it is a lethal killer of the ecoli bacteria. This was found in many researches, done over the last 20 years.

Over the next days I kept a very close eye on their behavior and droppings. Just to be sure I increased the dose of cinnamon and added some garlic and Echinacea in their fresh bird food for the next days. To this day no sign of any problem.

Do I know if the part of the product I had gotten was contaminated?  No.  If so, were the birds smart enough not to pick the contaminated food? I will never know. I just knew they had the best protection they could have for this case by eating cinnamon.

Most vegetables and herbs have antibacterial, anti inflammatory, and many other ‘anti’  properties.

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Nutritional parrot food

posted by Gudrun @ 13:15 PM
May 28, 2009

Nutritional parrot foodNutricional parrot food

Cooking demonstration at the  PEAC chapter in Cleveland,  with the famous chef Sergio J Abramof.






I am living since 16 years, sometimes with up to 200, parrots.

About 14 years ago I started to get into nutritional parrot food. It became so much part of my life that I often forget how much I know and how many parrot owners don’t.

 Recently I went to speak at the PEAC chapter in Cleveland, to share my knowledge. In these 1-½ hours of my speech I could only talk about a little bit of the easy to apply nutritional parrot food, which make up my normal day-to-day living. Though, the people who are part of PEAC are already better informed than many other bird owners, I was amazed how much new information I still had to offer.

 Much of the information I usually talk about is contained in my book “What happened To My Peanuts”. But there are always new realizations and findings about parrot nutrition, which I am going to share here in this blog.

 Stay tuned and maybe you will find some nutritional parrot food, which can help you having a happy and healthy life with your bird(s).

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How bad are bird seed for parrots?

posted by Gudrun @ 13:54 PM
May 27, 2009

Bird seedHow bad are bird seed mixes for parrots?

It is interesting how the opinions what is good for parrots changes with time. Before we could buy bird seed mixes and pellets, people just fed human food to parrots. And they seemed to do fine with it. But people were eating mostly home made food too in those times.

 Then somebody came up with the idea parrots should eat bird seeds. So, a good number of parrot owners started to feed a bird seed diet only. That caused many undernourished birds. The next thing was pellets. Adding this pellets to the diet of the birds was an improvement, because it increased the spectrum of nutrition. But because birds did better with this variety, now people were advised to feed pellets only. 

And so it goes on and on. In our time there are still people thinking a parrot should not get any bird seed mix and only pellet. Or non of them both, but only fresh food.

 There are about 300 species of parrots, from 5 different continents, living in a wide variety of climates and vegetation. Most of them do eat seeds in their natural environment. Some are ground feeders. Which means they spend a good amount of their time on the ground picking at……….. seeds. But even the ones that live in the canopy of the forest pick on seeds. Every plant produces seeds or nuts to drop to the ground to reproduce and keep the species going. Guess who is feeding on this kind of seeds and nuts when they are still on the plant? The animals, including parrots, that live up in the canopy.

 So, the question should not be if Bird seed mixes are bad or good for parrots. But how much to feed to a species. A parrot eating a variety of bird seed mixes, pellets, fresh vegetables and nuts is usually a healthy bird.

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Meeting a Parrot’s Needs

posted by Parrot-Friend @ 16:17 PM
May 21, 2009


Parrots require the same kind of care as most other pets, but there are a few differences when caring for a bird as opposed to a dog or cat.  Just like dogs and cats, parrots need regular human interaction.  It’s fine for a parrot to spend part of their time in a caged environment, but being out and able to interact with their human masters is also important for their temper and development.  While in their cage, it’s a good idea to have a number of climbing toys and objects that will appease the parrot’s senses of sight and sound.  Most parrots like shiny objects with mirrored surfaces, and like to listen to bells and other ringing noises.

While the parrot is out of their cage, make sure to have few parrot treats on hand in case moving them back in the cage becomes a problem.  For the parrot’s diet, a mixture of vegetables, seed, and treats is the best.  Make sure to choose organic food for the best in nutrition and to ensure the parrot leads a healthy life.

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Is organic parrot food expensive?

posted by Gudrun @ 12:43 PM
May 20, 2009

 organic parrot foodSometimes I hear people telling me they can’t afford to buy organic parrot food for their birds.

If we look at how much we spend per month to feed a parrot, it really is not much. At least if we compare the cost of bird food with dog or cat food.

There are always different views to  look at something.


One way to look at this is that, we think we can’t spend lets say $10.00 a month more for organic parrot food.


The other way of looking at it is this: your bird (you self, your kids or any pet) develops a problem because of malnutrition or chemicals in the non organic food it eats. Now it has to be brought to the vet. Which often costs much more then feeding a balanced, healthy diet, which includes organic parrot food. At that point it is not only a money issue. Now the bird we love suffers. Which makes us as miserable (or more) as our beloved parrot. Sometimes it is a small issue, which can be fixed by adjusting the diet. But parrots are masters in hiding that they are sick. So, often when we realize there is a problem, it is more serious and will take month (or more) and a lot of money to have a healthy, happy bird again. And naturally a happy bird owner too.

So, in the long run we save money and, in my opinion even more important, a lot of emotional stress.

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Bird Food

posted by Gudrun @ 11:55 AM
May 19, 2009

Bird FoodBird food is not a product were one size fits all. The choice of what to use as bird food depends on the species of bird being fed. And remember, birds need the same nutrients that people get from eating food.

Though birds may eat almost anything that humans eat, these following should never be given: chocolates, avocados, caffeine, alcohol, kidney and lima beans. And don’t forget a fresh supply of water daily.

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Importance of Organic Bird Food

posted by Parrot-Friend @ 16:17 PM
May 7, 2009


When it comes to feeding our birds, it’s important to know that the food birds are receiving is safe and nutritious.  There have been a wave of pet food contamination suits in the last decade, and owners want to know that the food their pet is receiving is from natural sources.  Birds need a nutritious and balanced diet to remain healthy.  Birds that are unhealthy can be more vulnerable to harmful bacteria and parasites, and can start to lose their feathers as other health problems manifest.  When purchasing organic bird food, owners can rest assured that their birds are being fed nutritious and all-natural food.  While organic food can be a little more expensive than regular bird food, the peace of mind gained is more than worth the extra cost. 

Birds that receive proper nutrition and care can live for decades, and some birds can even live to be more than a hundred years old!  With the right organic bird food and lots of loving care, a bird can be their owner’s best friend for their entire life.

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