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Organic Parrot Treats Made An Awesome Gift For My Friend’s Parrot

posted by Parrot-Friend @ 13:48 PM
November 29, 2017

My friend loves to have a parrot around and I have spent lots of time getting to know the parrot and playing with him. The parrot is so much fun to be around and he is always so full of personality. My friend and I both speak Russian, and the parrot can even say and understand a few Russian phrases, in addition to some English ones.

My friend is always playing with the parrot when he is at home, and he is always showing him off when he has guests over. The parrot has some exotic coloring and he is so beautiful to look at. He is pretty big and he loves to be around people, especially people he knows well. He is a lot of fun and I love to see him when I go to my friend’s house.

I wanted to get my friend’s parrot a special treat when I was over at my friend’s house recently to celebrate a special occasion. I the parrot some organic parrot treats that he ended up loving a lot. The treats were a pleasant surprise for my friend, and he was happy that I came up with such a thoughtful gift for the parrot.

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Cinnamon, yummy and a lethal killer for ecoli

posted by Gudrun @ 12:32 PM
June 14, 2017

My parrots love cinnamon. And many researches, done over the last 20 years, found it is a lethal killer of ecoli. It happens every so often that we get a warning about drinking water contamination with ecoli. By the time it reaches the customer, we might have consumed some of it. Or you hear that it is found in some food, which now has to be recalled. Knowing you (your Fids and kids) have had cinnamon on a regular base can keep your mind at peace, when it comes to ecoli.

I feed it several times a week in different foods for the parrot and me. I buy the ‘real’, the Ceylon cinnamon from Sri Lanka.

But that is not all. Cinnamon also has anti fungal, antibacterial, anti inflammatory and antiviral properties and lowers blood glucose and cholesterol.

something which is so yummy and has so many benefits should be in every bodies parrot food.

BTW it is one ingredient of the Tesoro Treat



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Some Parrot Treats Are Great for My Parrot to Get

posted by Parrot-Friend @ 13:29 PM
March 31, 2017

Whenever I am handling my parrot, I try to make sure that I am able to take good care to make it an enjoyable experience. I don’t want my parrot to be uncomfortable or unhappy when I handle my bird so I try to make sure that my bird gets put away before he starts to get sick of being handled all the time. It was so important for me to be able to find some different kinds of treats to help make this time more fun.

With just the right kinds of treats that my parrot really enjoys getting, I am able to make it so that my parrot gets really excited about each treat that he is given. I have managed to make time out of the cage a lot more fun just by feeding my parrot some delicious parrot treats every time that he gets out. It is exciting to be able to have my parrot out and enjoying time spent out.

The right kinds of treats are ones that my parrot enjoys eating on a regular basis. He gets so excited about being able to eat all kinds of different types of treats that I give to him. It is fun to see my parrot actually looking forward to coming out of the cage to play with me often.

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Some Organic Parrot Treats Help Me to Train My Parrot

posted by Parrot-Friend @ 12:33 PM
January 18, 2017

1-parrot-with-treatSoon after getting my parrot, I decided that I would start to work with my parrot on doing some different kinds of tricks. I had seen all kinds of parrots that were able to do some truly spectacular things on a regular basis. It was great to be able to spend a good amount of time working with my parrot to try and get him to do some of these different things as well.

So that I would be able to get him to do these different things, I had to be able to get him something that would really inspire him to do everything that he needed to do. Some tasty treats were sure to help and to make it so that my parrots would be able to learn a whole lot more overall. It is really easy for me to use some great organic parrot treats to get him to work with me.

The different kinds of treats that I use when I am working with my parrot really are perfect for inspiring him to do the tricks that I want him to do. It has been wonderful being able to pick out some different kinds of treats that are the ones that my parrot really goes for. The treats are certainly helping me to train him.

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My Parrot Loves Parrot Treats

posted by Parrot-Friend @ 16:32 PM
June 1, 2016

1 scarlet macaw parrotKeeping your parrot happy and healthy isn’t so hard. You just need to be attentive. Talking to your bird can actually make him or her feel cared about. In addition, special treats can really perk up a parrot if they’re feeling a little unenergetic. I have treats that are jam packed with nutrients that are great for parrots. They’re filled with seeds and other organic and natural ingredients.

What’s also fun about my bird is how she really likes parrot treats. When I open the container, she automatically knows what’s contained inside. She almost smiles, to be honest. If birds could smile, I bet she would be smiling. She just stares at me while cocking her head as I get one of the yummy treats out for her.

Having a parrot is actually lots of fun. I can tell she’s really happy with me, too. I like that I have a sweet companion whenever I’m lonely. My parrot likes to talk to me sometimes, even. But most of the time, she’s just trying to get more parrot treats out of me. I have a feeling she’ll learn the word in no time at all. She’ll probably ask for treats in English eventually.

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Birds Can Get Necessary Vitamins From Organic Parrot Treats

posted by Parrot-Friend @ 10:25 AM
March 16, 2016

tops parrot food 1 3-11-16Polly may want a cracker, but birds need their vitamins too! Since they can’t really take pills like a cat or dog, they a unique method of getting their vital nutrients. In my experience, one of the easiest ways of ensuring that your bird is receiving the proper nutrition is with organic parrot treats.

These vitamin-packed goodies provide your feathered friend the additional nutrition that they don’t get from their ordinary birdseed. Not only will you be nourishing your parrot, but they will also love the flavor of these tasty treats. Organic parrot treats will ensure that Polly will have a long and happy life.

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Meeting a Parrot’s Needs

posted by Parrot-Friend @ 16:17 PM
May 21, 2009


Parrots require the same kind of care as most other pets, but there are a few differences when caring for a bird as opposed to a dog or cat.  Just like dogs and cats, parrots need regular human interaction.  It’s fine for a parrot to spend part of their time in a caged environment, but being out and able to interact with their human masters is also important for their temper and development.  While in their cage, it’s a good idea to have a number of climbing toys and objects that will appease the parrot’s senses of sight and sound.  Most parrots like shiny objects with mirrored surfaces, and like to listen to bells and other ringing noises.

While the parrot is out of their cage, make sure to have few parrot treats on hand in case moving them back in the cage becomes a problem.  For the parrot’s diet, a mixture of vegetables, seed, and treats is the best.  Make sure to choose organic food for the best in nutrition and to ensure the parrot leads a healthy life.

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