Getting Healthy Bird Food For My New Bird

posted by Parrot-Friend @ 15:53 PM
October 18, 2017

I always wanted to have a bird and I have been very happy with the one that I got. I grew up with some friends who had birds and it was always fun to hear them chirp and do their beautiful songs and even let them out of their cage and play with them. Having a bird is very fulfilling and I love having a bird of my own as a pet.

Making sure that I am taking the very best care of my bird has been my priority. I want to ensure that my bird is getting some nutritious bird food and that she feels comfortable and happy in her cage. There are some great bird supplies out there and I love to look for them online so that I can save myself a lot of time and hassle.

Finding some healthy bird food has worked out well to ensure that my bird can stay fueled up and healthy. I love the natural food and that it lets my bird get all of the nutrition that she needs. The bird food has been a favorite for my bird and she has been very happy with it. I have been stocking up on plenty of this bird food.

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Holistic Bird Food is Just What My Parakeets Need

posted by Parrot-Friend @ 7:57 AM
September 30, 2017

Finding the right kind of seed for my parakeets recently became a lot more difficult. The pet store that is near my home, stopped carrying most of the top quality natural bird food brands that I really wanted to feed my parakeet all the time. It was suddenly very difficult for me to find anything that I would want to feed to my pets since most of the seeds were ones that were cheaply produced.

So that I would be able to find the right kind of bird food that I could use all the time, I started to look online at various brands that would be better. It was surprisingly easy for me to be able to find some different types of holistic bird food options that were perfect to work with on a regular basis. I had a great time looking for some different types of foods that my birds could enjoy.

With the perfect kinds of items that my parakeets could eat at last, I was able to breathe a lot more easily. I love being able to have the right kind of food that I can use to really take great care of my birds all the time.

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Organic Parrot Seed is Ideal for Feeding My Parrot Well

posted by Parrot-Friend @ 7:57 AM
September 19, 2017

organic parrot foodSoon after bringing my parrot home, my parrot started to get sick. Since I was really worried about this, I ended up taking him to my vet. The vet suggested that the diet that I was feeding my parrot wasn’t something that was really appropriate for him. Instead of being fed this kind of seed, I started to look for some different kinds of seeds that I could use on a regular basis.

I spent a lot of time actually researching parrot seed and learning more about what was best for parrots. After this, I was able to find some excellent organic parrot seed that was something that I felt would be the very best kind of seed that I could work with. Now that I have this kind of seed that I can use, I am able to feed this to my bird along with fruits and vegetables.

With the better handle on what kinds of foods my bird should eat, I now feel that I am going to be able to much more easily take care of my pet. The healthier diet has already improved my parrot’s health and made it so that my parrot seems much happier on the whole.

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Nutritional Bird Food Can Be Hard to Come By

posted by Parrot-Friend @ 11:37 AM
August 26, 2017

One of the problems that I found when I was first feeding my birds many of the commercial brands that were available on the market was that too many of these foods were ones that weren’t really built right for pet birds. Too many of the different types of foods were ones that were filled with chemicals since the seeds weren’t ones that were organically grown.

To find the type of bird food that would be much better for my parakeets and cockatiels, I spent a lot of time online researching the different types of foods that were available. I was soon able to find a wonderful nutritional bird food that was just what I needed to keep my birds very healthy. This kind of food is one that actually takes a bit more into account during their formulation of the food.

It feels good to be able to give my birds food that is so much more nutritionally appropriate for them. They definitely seem to be thriving now that they are able to have this kind of food all the time. Getting them something that really is right for them to be eating is something that definitely makes me feel a whole lot better.

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Delicious Holistic Parrot Food Keeps My Bird Healthy

posted by Parrot-Friend @ 11:37 AM
August 16, 2017

holistic parrot foodIt has been wonderful working with my parrot recently and getting my bird to trust me a lot more. When I first got my bird, he was very anxious about coming to sit on my hand or even coming out of his cage at all. I started out by just getting to know him better and working hard to make sure that I was able to find a lot more information to help me learn about my bird.

As I did a lot more research on owning a parrot, I realized that many of the things that I was doing already were things that weren’t very good for my parrot. I spent a lot of time looking for great kinds of holistic parrot food items that I can use on a regular basis. With the new types of foods I was able to tempt my bird to eat a lot more and get much more healthy.

It was wonderful to be able to spend a lot of time learning more about parrots and slowly becoming a better parrot owner. Now that I know much more about parrots, I have been able to help my parrot get over his anxiety and start spending more time around me and out of his cage.

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Finding Great Parrot Seed For My New Bird

posted by Parrot-Friend @ 13:41 PM
August 1, 2017

I got a parrot recently and I have been loving having him around. My best friend growing up always had a pet bird and I remember going down to the basement where they kept the bird and how much fun it was to see him and to play with him. I always wanted a bird and now that I live on my own, I have been enjoying having my own bird around.

I have been really obsessed with finding the best ways to feed and to take care of my new bird. I want to make sure that he is healthy and happy and that he has the best start that he can possibly have. Finding some great products for my bird online has been really easy and convenient. I can find exactly what he needs to thrive.

Keeping my bird healthy and happy every day is easy with some great nutrition. I found him some parrot seed that has been working well for him. The seed is a great way for him to get his daily nutrients in and he loves having the seed on a regular basis. I can really feel good about what I am giving him with the seed.

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My Parrot Loves His New Parrot Seed Mix

posted by Parrot-Friend @ 13:41 PM
July 18, 2017

I got a parrot not too long ago and he has been my buddy for all sorts of fun times. I love having a parrot in the house and he is always so much fun to be around. He really loves me as his owner and he is so loyal to me as well. He will never bite me or be aggressive to me in any way but he will often bite others or misbehave when around them.

My parrot and I share a special bond and I want to make sure that this kind of a bond will never be broken. I speak Russian fluently and it has been fun to teach the parrot to say some Russian words in addition to the English words that we have taught him. He is really good at mimicking our daily conversations.

I got my parrot some new parrot seed mix recently and it has been a mix that he has really loved. This new mix has been a great way for him to get the nutrition that he needs to have on a daily basis. The seed mix has been a staple in his diet ever since I got it for him and he has really loved it. I can smoke the seeds or feed them to the parrot dry.

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Healthy Parrot Food Does Wonders for My Bird

posted by Parrot-Friend @ 7:34 AM
June 30, 2017

When I first got my parrot, he was coming from a situation where he had really been neglected overall. I knew that it was extremely important for me to be able to use the right kinds of items to get him into much better health. The start was getting him on a healthy diet so that he would be able to live a much longer and better life with me.

He had been eating mostly junk food before, so getting him transitioned to eating what a healthy parrot was meant to eat was a bit difficult. It was necessary to reward him sometimes with the food that he liked, while getting him to eat as much healthy parrot food as was possible. I really enjoyed being able to spend a bit of time working with my parrot and getting him the food he needed.

Now that my parrot is able to get a lot more healthy food on a regular basis, I feel that I really am taking much better care of him. I am hopeful that I will be able to get him on the track of being a much healthier parrot as I continue to care for him in this way.

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Nutritional Parrot Food Keeps My Parrot Healthy

posted by Parrot-Friend @ 7:34 AM
June 20, 2017

nutritional parrot foodWhen I recently started to spend just a bit of time looking around and trying to find the right kinds of foods that I could feed to my pet parrot, I was really glad to be able to find a wide selection of different types of parrot food options out there. The food that I had been feeding my parrot had been discontinued, leaving me to search for something new to use.

I took a really long time for me to settle on any kind of food that I felt as good about. My bird needed to be able to have just the right kind of food so that he would be able to stay healthy all of the time. Getting him great food that would work wonderfully was so important for me, which is why I held out for nutritional parrot food that I knew my parrot would love.

With the new food that I can use with my parrot, I am able to keep my parrot feeling healthy all of the time. It is good to be able to give my parrot some occasional treats as well, but having great food to feed to him most of the time is something that is so important.

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Healthy weeds in our garden

posted by Gudrun @ 12:49 PM
June 14, 2017


Some weeds make a great parrot and human food. Do you have dandelion in your yard? If you don’t spray your garden, dandelion make a great parrot food and toy. Why should we pull out such a nutritious and healthy plant, which the settlers valued so highly, that they brought it over from Europe? The Native Americans realized its qualities and integrated it fast in their diet and as medicine. Many people are not aware that they have such a great parrot food in their yards. They usually try to get rid of it. I am looking forward to early spring to be able to start feeding the leafs. Dandelion leafs contain many minerals and vitamins and are very blood cleansing. I ad the leafs  to my fresh parrot food, pureed, cooked and hang them on the side of the cages. Later on the birds love to play with and eat the flowers.

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